Queer Artist Collective


Will Hughes is a contemporary artist based in Bristol, United Kingdom. They are a founding member of ‘Croft’ a studio in the Somerset countryside and the 2018 winner of the Kenneth Armitage Foundation Graduate Award. In 2018 they were awarded the Spike Island Fellowship, a yearlong residency.

Will Hughes is a highly conceptual artist, using sculpture and illustration to explore their personal experiences. They aim to create work which is sensual and seductively human, using levels of understanding built into the work to allow for connection beyond the visual. Material are chosen because of the language which is inherent in the medium, visual effect and touch. The titles of their work are very important; they are taken from pop music as well as the wider queer community. The titles act as a way point giving the viewer the first clue for deciphering the work.


Visually, they create playful objects with sombre undertones and kinetic sculptures which are a subtle form of spectacle, influenced by the work of Nicolas Schöffer. They take references from a wide range of sources from Björk’s music video for ‘All is full of love’ directed by Chris Cunningham to the machines in the Science Museum and artworks of Eddie Peake and historic icon Barbara Hepworth among others. This allows them to appropriate ideas and imagery from different areas and combine them creating work which can be interpreted and read in many ways.

You can discovery more about their work here.