Queer Artist Collective


Stef Rieder is a photographer from Lancaster, Ohio currently residing in Berlin. She has a BFA in Photography from Ohio Wesleyan University. She has also worked as a teaching assistant (TA), and places a good deal of importance on teaching photography to young aspiring artists. Starting in September 2018, she will be pursuing an MA in Art Theory and History at the HFBK in Hamburg, Germany.


In terms of her own photography, Stef is interested in human activity and its imprint on the natural setting. Doubling is an important concept in her work, both a literal doubling of the image through the collaging of disparate images, and through her efforts to create a twinned meaning to her work. For example, her latest project, entitled, 'Private Geographies,' attempts to evoke in a single image the physical landscape and the eponymous private landscape of the psyche.



As she says, 'The singular image represents a small landmark, a trace or a single depiction, within the vast
documentation of the physical world. In “Private Geographies”, the photograph is being used
as a sort of hieroglyph. The actual image taken from the physical landscape, and its
abstracted representation from the mental landscape. By photographing, we are relocating
ourselves. We are witnessing the transportation of the present moment to the abstracted
memory - the evolution of visual navigation.'


She uses photography as a resource to map out these nuances of human activity and to
document both its effect on the natural landscape and its reverberated effect on us.