Queer Artist Collective

misha mn.

Misha MN is a photographic artist, brutalist poet, and nightclub performer. he mixes renaissance tableaux, baroque ornamentation, radical queer identity politics, declarative poetry, found imagery, self portraits, and a punk attitude to printing to create shrine-like installations, religious power images and iconoclastic diy zines. 

He explores queer spiritualities, erotic impulses, and the nature of narrative images.

His performance work is a concoction of sugary pop culture references, grand gestural dramatics, and a bitingly sincere sense of tragedy and loneliness. 

Misha took part in trace.'s inaugural show, self-gratification, for which he built a shrine and a zine entitled Heal Thyself, exploring life after love. It shows the hurt, transformation, penance, sexual rebirth, exploration, and final resurrection of the artists as a flawed yet divine being. The zine is filled with hand written notes describing feelings, experiences and memories, and is peppered with real text messages shared between the parties.