Queer Artist Collective

three poems by edward palmer.

Alex Foley

Words fall from your mouth like silk,

Mine irk, leave stains on the night.


I want to give myself to you.


The hollow of my throat,

My cock warm with blood,

Like clear skies in June.


I am treading water.


A veil that flirts with the light,

Falls from above as water,

I cannot see you.


You traced the nape of my neck,

Finger with broken nails,

Cut at the break.


Our gaze entangled,

An onlooker looked.


The sky danced with you,

Embraced by Ara,

Star and Crater overfloweth.


The night was youth,

The night was you,


Vast as rain.


I saw the devout in the shallow light of dawn.


Ink bled night into morning milk,

You lay still atop the lake.


Flora swelled under your skin,

Pink rose in claret,

You smelt of clematis.


Your lips drew the lake in,

Carved your skin alabaster,

And made you whole.

words by edward palmer, illustrations by alex c. foley.